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We are specialized in mobile apps development, web apps development, crowd-funding & social marketing.

Native iOS Development

Native iOS mobile apps development with Xcode in SWIFT programming language. This approach delivers the best native iOS user experience to your apps users.

Native Android Development

Native Android mobile apps development with Android Studio in Java programming language. This approach delivers the best native Android user experience for you apps.

Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

Cross platforms mobile apps development in HTML5 & JavaScript approach. One single code base that supports iOS, Android and Windows phone. This is the most cost-effective approach for apps development targeting multiple mobile platforms.

Web Apps Development

Web applications development targeted running on browswer. We do web front-end development in Angular or React as well as RESTful back-end API development in Node.js, PHP or Java. Responsive web design is critical as nowadays major traffics come from mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing

Traditional advertising brokes your bank. Social media markting let you aim at your target users. Grow your customers by optimizing your social media campaignes. Fine-tune your marketing resources by analytics data. Make good use of very dime you are planning to spend.

Crowd Funding Campaign

If you are hardware or IoT startups, Kickstart and Indiegogo let you validate your product/market fit; engage your early royal users; and raise seed money. We've successfully run 6 Kickstarter projects. We know how to tell a good crowd-funding story and maximize your crowd-funding ROI.


Web development, crowdfunding & social marketing projects highlights

Web Project Highlights

Tybourne Capital Management

Membership, Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly Investment Reports

Clinch (design/branding studio)

Design/branding Portfolio Showcase / CMS

China Casting(talent database)

Performing talents database, search and booking


Fashion playbook / product catalog

Elements Advisor

CMS and wealth management reports

Mister French Taste (video series)

Video serious official site

Nude Waxing(beauty studio)

Web Application

Taste Buddies

Comics Product Catalog

HK Underwater Heritage

CMS, heritage GIS location database, google map apps

The Santuary

Event scheduling, event booking application

Roche Young Scientist Award

Competition enrollment, team portfolio upload, marking tool

E&M (consultancy firm)

Multi-lingual Content Management, Sectors Reports Management

Hong Kong Mediator

Membership, mediators database, mediation workflow

Optical Pro (Online Store)

Online Store / Online Payment

Crowd-funding & Social Marketing Campaignes

PLAYBULB Candle Kickstarter

Raised USD266,519 in 30 days.     4,372 backers.

PLAYBULB Color Kickstarter

Raised USD85,591 in 30 days.     765 backers.

PLAYBULB Rainbow Kickstarter

Raised USD62,852 in 30 days.     906 backers.

MIPOW M3 Kickstarter

Raised USD51,154 in 30 days.     782 backers.

PLAYBULB Garden Kickstarter

Raised USD140,146 in 45 days.     1151 backers.

MIPOW PowerTube Kickstarter

Raised USD51,524 in 45 days.     1071 backers.

MIPOW Facebook Page

Grow 200,000 users in 6 months.

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How do we charge?

We charge by hour. To estimate your project cost:   1 you tell us your project scope / requirements;   2 we break them down into development tasks and estimate how many hours each of these tasks will take;   3 total hours  x  our development hourly rate = your project cost

Reduce your development cost with government Technology Voucher

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) aims to subsidise HK small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. Funding up to $200,000 for each eligible enterprise will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. For more details, please visit TVP official page.

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